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Mael Consulting Applies Organizational Psychology to Empower Businesses

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Psychology to
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Mael Consulting is led by Dr. Fred Mael, a highly regarded industrial and organizational psychologist with 30+ years of experience in business consulting. As an authority on organizational behavior and performance, he provides solutions based on research and long-standing experience, yielding outstanding results.

Your problems -

Identify and address ongoing company hurdles so you can move forward with implementing steps toward your goals.

Company culture -

Establish a positive and healthy work environment where employees are motivated to optimally perform.

Your workflows -

Evaluate organizational operations from a psychological viewpoint to zero in on growth-stifling practices.

Your opportunities -

Identify potent opportunities to improve employee recruitment, productivity, collaboration, and an individualized blueprint for success.

What our Clients are Saying

My organization offered coaching sessions to a select group of managers to provide support in a changing environment. My weekly discussions with Dr. Mael allowed me to analyze how I was reacting to challenging situations. I was able to develop my skill in reframing my responses to others. Dr. Mael challenged me to take a different view and look for the positive. His direct feedback was what I needed to make progress. My improved ability to stop focusing on the negative has improved my work relationships and my sense of how I fit on the team.
JSB, Real Estate Manager
Since working with Dr. Mael I can confidently say I am more equipped to confront business challenges more confidently. He has helped me put many challenges in a clearer light that has enabled me to take more decisive action. I highly recommend his services to someone looking for a fresh, wise and experienced perspective.
RM, CEO, Ecommerce Company
"He asks the right questions, listens carefully, and offers solutions… He has made a positive difference in helping us to become a better company.”
Gordon Walsh, CEO, Flying Frog Publishing
He was successful in extracting a tremendous amount of information, all in a relatively short time period. This enabled us to roll out many changes and initiatives, all of which still benefit the company to this day. I highly recommend him“.
Jonathan Ehrenfeld, President, Property Management Company
“Fred has a unique combination of talents: strong analytical skills, innovative thinking when addressing complex issues, extraordinary communications skills and the ability to build trust, especially when dealing with challenging personal or organizational issues. Everyone who works with him is grateful for the work he’s done on their behalf.”
Mary Ann Kmetyk, Principal, Applied Performance Strategies
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Navigate the unseen obstacles and internal barriers that stand in the way of your organization’s goals. Make the most of your resources, maximize potential, and drive success to levels you never dreamed you’d reach.

Supporting your professional growth

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Mael Consulting specializes in coaching business owners, executives, and professionals.
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