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Corporate & Nonprofit Executives

Dr. Mael helps executives set priorities, clarify missions, manage stress, improve communication, and overcome issues interfering with success. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the obstacles that face professionals in these positions.

Professional Service Entrepreneurs

Dr. Mael helps ease the transition from working as a solo entrepreneur or employee to leading a team or organization. He helps people to embrace delegating and to avoid micromanaging, common pitfalls in these transitions.

Career Guidance for Individuals

Dr. Mael guides individuals who are undecided in their choice of occupation or profession. He also helps people revitalize their careers when their work advancement has stalled.

Lectures & Seminars

Dr. Mael addresses timely topics, such as transitioning scientists and technical personnel into leadership roles, work-life balance, staff loyalty and retention, coaching and mentoring employees, and combating workplace boredom.

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