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Corporate & Nonprofit Executives

Dr. Mael helps executives set priorities, clarify missions, manage stress, improve communication, and overcome issues interfering with success. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the obstacles that face professionals in these positions.

Professional Service Entrepreneurs

Dr. Mael helps ease the transition from working as a solo entrepreneur or employee to leading a team or organization. He helps people to embrace delegating and to avoid micromanaging, common pitfalls in these transitions.

Career Guidance for Individuals

Dr. Mael guides individuals who are undecided in their choice of occupation or profession. He also helps people revitalize their careers when their work advancement has stalled.

Lectures & Seminars

Dr. Mael addresses timely topics, such as transitioning scientists and technical personnel into leadership roles, work-life balance, staff loyalty and retention, coaching and mentoring employees, and combating workplace boredom.

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Case Studies

What Clients
are Saying
About Dr. Mael

RKA, Federal Senior Executive

I sought coaching because I had recently taken a job as a senior executive in the Federal government and I wanted to further develop my executive competencies. I was also having difficulties working with my new boss. Fred developed a good sense of the environment and the issues with which I needed help. We focused primarily on the issues with my boss as they were causing me the most distress. Fred offered specific strategies I could use to cope with my boss’ personality disorder and had me role play these strategies to enable me to handle the interactions more effectively. Fred provided insights that I hadn’t considered and that helped me cope with the situation. We also focused on executive competencies such as leading change, managing difficult employees, and leveraging networks to achieve organizational goals. I originally thought I would have to leave this “dream job” because of my boss. While I still have bad days, through the sessions with Fred I am better able to focus on accomplishing the important mission of our organization.

Jonathan Ehrenfeld, President Property Management Company

“Some time ago I reached out to Dr. Mael for guidance in developing business leadership and developing my team. I was immediately taken in by his warm character. He is poised and calm yet aggressive in tackling core issues. Immediately he surveyed my direct reports and related staff. With his cool demeanor, everyone was comfortable opening up and expressing their views and feelings. In the end, he was successful in extracting a tremendous amount of information, all in a relatively short time period. This enabled us to roll out many changes and initiatives, all of which still benefit the company to this day. He still works with several Blue Ocean employees on an as needed basis. I highly recommend him.”

AE, Non-profit Fundraiser

I felt overwhelmed and under-skilled as I was thrust into fundraising without proper training. Dr. Mael helped me see where my strengths were as they related to fundraising. This had a direct impact on me achieving my goals. I looked forward to our sessions knowing that when I would finish I would feel empowered to accomplish my goals.

EL, Federal Government Manager

I am a Government Acquisition professional with almost 20 years of Federal Service. I was faced with the most challenging situation. I was falsely accused of lying on my application regarding a certification in my career field, and due to be terminated, it practically destroyed my career and reputation within the agency. Dr. Mael helped me both personally and professionally. Specifically, he helped point out my strengths and weaknesses, and aided me in the difficult conversations I had to have with my senior executives, supervisor, and employees. I would not have been able to confront some of these obstacles without his expert assistance. The result was that the agency recognized their mistake, apologized, and I was able to remain in my position. I will be able to use Dr. Mael’s knowledge, strategies, and techniques with any personal or professional obstacles in the future.

KS, School Administrator

“As a highly trained educational leader with many years experience, I found myself facing an uncertain future. Dr. Mael was instrumental in helping me calmly and reasonably assess my situation. He assisted me in maintaining clarity and weighing my options. After I landed on my feet, Dr. Mael gave me further insight and direction. His reassuring and thoughtful manner were refreshing and inspiring throughout the coaching process.”

SP, Physician/Clinical Researcher

“As opportunities arose to lead more staff and conduct more research, I sought a professional coach and chose Fred Mael … While I was good at strategic planning, I wanted to expand my skills to more effectively convey my vision to my peers and superiors. Fred guided me to envision meetings with others differently, understand the motivations of my peers better, and negotiate more effectively with my superiors. His approach is one of understanding the context in which we work from an organizational perspective as well as considering the particular group within the organization. .. he served as a sounding board and advocate while redirecting our conversation to address the organizational and small group dynamics. His approach was successful in helping me to achieve my goals.”

AM Gluck, CEO Electronic Marketing Firm

“Dr. Mael transformed this skeptic into a true believer! Immediately into our second session, I developed new awareness into my position and successfully began to transform myself into the CEO I wanted to become. Subsequent sessions were no less valuable. Dr. Mael was also there for me during some difficult crunch times and assisted with some knotty interpersonal challenges that routinely arise in any leadership position. I came out of each coaching sessions knowing what I wanted to do, why I wanted to do it, and how to best go about it. I then just went and did it. Coaching with Dr. Mael was pleasant, productive and cost effective. If you have an iota of skepticism whether to consider coaching with him, contact me at 845-450-2200 and I will dispel any such doubts! Thank you Dr. Mael for everything!”

AD, Communications Consultant

My business as a communications consultant had nearly disappeared during the “great recession.” I approached Dr. Mael to help me find motivation to market myself more aggressively. As the sessions progressed, it became clear that I what I needed was not just more marketing but to change the direction of my business entirely in response to the economy. Dr. Mael helped me think through this repositioning. In six months my business turned around – in fact, it was more successful than it had been before the recession began. Dr. Mael’s empathetic listening, sharp insights, and gentle nudging were the perfect antidote.

LB, Attorney

Having practiced law for more than twenty years, I had reached a bit of a crossroads in my career. I had started my own firm 4 years earlier, and many options lay before me – whether to expand my practice, shift its focus, change personnel, or perhaps merge into a larger firm. Dr. Mael did an outstanding job helping me sort through my options in a professional, systematic way that I would not have been able to do on my own. Dr. Mael effectively utilized both his training and empathy in guiding me to new levels of clarity and confidence in how I choose to approach my career. I am forever indebted to Dr. Mael for his assistance, which has led not only to greater satisfaction professionally, but to greater happiness personally, as well.

RD, Corporate Training Consultant

As a successful training consultant, I was shocked to find myself out of a job as part of a company layoff. Dr Mael’s assessment and practical insights helped bring out my best in interviews and identify opportunities which would maximize my strengths, leading me to obtain a better job. In addition Dr. Mael’s realistic perspective and industry knowledge have given me a practical career plan through which I can successfully advance while enjoying my profession to the fullest

CM, Warehouse Manager

“I was dissatisfied with my job, my income, and my future prospects and concerned about my ability to support my family. Dr. Mael helped me become more proficient in my present job while searching productively for a better one. He helped me evaluate whether potential jobs or business ventures had real potential and whether they would be detrimental to my wellbeing. I presently earn double what I was earning when I first sought Dr. Mael’s guidance…. I would highly recommend Dr. Mael to anyone who feels that he is stagnating in his present occupation, feels overwhelmed with his job and responsibilities, or would like to further his career” .

WM, Travel Agency Manager

“Dr. Mael analyzed and assessed my staff and business as a whole and helped me understand its strengths and weaknesses. He provided me with a full list of recommendations on how to bank on my strengths and transform my staff and business. He helped me set business policy regarding which clients belonged to which agent in a way that everyone felt accommodated and that helped the staff work more as a team. Dr Mael was very friendly to work with but more importantly, he offered practical advice which I found extremely helpful. I highly recommend Dr Mael.”

SJ, Attorney

“As an attorney who moved from a Midwest in-house counsel position to Washington, D.C. and my first law firm job, I was overwhelmed by all the changes. Between the increased work hours and demands, learning law firm culture, and the stress of moving, I was convinced that taking my new job was a mistake. Dr. Mael helped me gain perspective on the situation. His practical strategies for tackling assignments and integrating into my new environment have eased the stress of my transition. I am now enjoying and achieving good results at my new job. In addition, he is helping me sort out my feelings about work and work-life balance in ways that will be beneficial for years to come.

SN, VP Finance, Insurance Corporation

Dr. Mael really helped me break a logjam which had plagued me for a decade. I had switched jobs several times, was not productive although I was busy and I kept losing the office politics game to bosses and subordinates both. He helped me break each issue into workable parts and solve each methodically… Thanks to our sessions together, I have been much more productive, work much better with colleagues and superiors at all levels and am now unstuck and ready to make the upward move that my career has been waiting what seems like a lifetime to make” .


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