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Retention & Loyalty

Uncovering the real reasons staff members and customers leave your organization, Dr. Mael works with you to increase employee loyalty and retention.

Organizational Culture

Dr. Mael assesses your organizational culture, evaluates your capacity for change, and advises on necessary modifications to enhance employee morale, productivity, and specific outcomes.

Performance Management

After working with your leadership to clarify job roles and responsibilities, Dr. Mael quantifies goal achievement and implements systems of objective and constructive feedback.

Benchmarking Studies

Dr, Mael helps you implement changes and avoid common pitfalls by surveying comparable organizations and clarifying best practices within the industry.

Lectures & Seminars

Dr. Mael addresses timely topics, such as transitioning scientists and technical personnel into leadership roles, work-life balance, staff loyalty and retention, coaching and mentoring employees, and combating workplace boredom.

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Case Studies

Dr. Mael in Action

Talent Retention

Dr. Mael developed a comprehensive approach to understanding the reasons for early departure of junior officers from the Army. He proposed an array of interventions to improve their retention. He also co-produced a compelling video in which former officers discuss their regrets and ambivalence about leaving the military prematurely. The video was widely distributed throughout the Army to help senior leadership influence officer retention decisions.

Organizational Culture

Dr. Mael surveyed the staff at an R&D lab to determine how the organizational culture could better support the transition of astronomers into managerial roles. His team then developed and implemented a curriculum of management training courses for these scientists.

Organizational Culture

To address low morale in the IT department of a scientific institute, Dr. Mael conducted a series of interviews and focus groups that revealed strained relations between the managerial and scientific staff members. He proposed a number of solutions to alleviate the problem.

Performance Management

On behalf of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, Dr. Mael and his team developed a model of excellent performance for substance abuse professionals. They also developed measures of quality of care that could be widely implemented in a variety of facilities.

Performance Management

Dr. Mael guided an evaluation of a religious organization’s mentoring services to at-risk youth, their parents and their teachers. He then directed organizational efforts to produce manuals for each of the three areas. Additionally, he developed quantifiable measures for each program to demonstrate effectiveness.

Benchmark/Best Practices Studies

An urban transportation organization asked Dr. Mael and his team to determine why women and minorities were underrepresented in some positions. The team conducted an in-depth analysis of all parts of recruiting, selection, promotion, and working conditions that might dissuade woman and minority participation. They combined industry best practices with their evaluation results to propose ways to remove barriers for these demographics.

Benchmark/Best Practices Studies

On behalf of an R&D laboratory, Dr. Mael’s team conducted best practices interviews with over a dozen corporations and consulting firms on how they manage their multi rater (360 feedback) programs. This enabled him to identify components of a successful multi rater feedback program and present practical recommendations to the organization for process enhancements.

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Investing in your Business Shows You Believe your Business is Worth It

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